Adjusted Thinking

Prosperity. A fellow blogger recently wrote about seeking prosperity and it struck a chord. As I look around and see Carl and Bee laying on their cots next to the warm fire, I would say from a worldly stand point, that they are prosperous. In these past couple of days with the temperature plummeting, these dogs are nice and warm without a concern for anything. Isn’t this the picture that comes to mind when we ask God for prosperity?

But if we look at the true meaning of prosperity, we have to adjust our thinking. Joseph was known to have prosperity throughout his life which also included times of slavery and imprisonment.

Genesis 39:23 “ The keeper of the prison did not look into anything that was under Joseph’s authority because the Lord was with him and whatever he did, the Lord made it prosper.”

How in the world could Joseph have prosperity in a prison? Particularly, when he was unjustly put there? And is this the type of prosperity that we naturally seek out? Absolutely not! I know that I can easily think that if everything is going well in my life, than I am prosperous. But the truth of the matter is that this scripture doesn’t support this way of thinking.

I believe the answer to what true prosperity means for all of us is stated by six words, “Because the Lord was with him.”

As a believer, isn’t that what we want above all else? To know without a doubt, no matter the circumstances, that God is with us. To feel his hand move in all the mundane happenings of our lives. Just as it is clearly demonstrated that God orchestrated every detail of Joseph’s journey from being sold into slavery, imprisoned, and then set in the second highest position over all of Egypt.

Isn’t our God the same God that was with Joseph? Absolutely!

So as I look at my sweet dogs fast asleep and warm from the fire, I know that they have it good. But I have it better because I know that God created me in his image and promised me that he would be with me to the end of the age.

Now that is what I call prosperity….


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