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Empty Hands is a devotional book about the women of the Old Testament of the Bible addressing women of today to guide you to cope with the struggles of 21st-century life. Get the most out of Empty Hands in a group Bible study as you gain wisdom and inspiration during discussions—or read it by yourself during personal Bible study time to self-reflect and grow spiritually.


“I loved this study. I loved how Cora guided us to read in our Bibles thinking about what God wants us to learn from the women she teaches us about. The questions prompted deep thought and fantastic discussions among the women of study group. We are coming from all ages and stages of our walk with Christ. Cora encouraged me that if I mess up—much like the women we studied—God still loves me and can use me for His Glory. Thank you Cora for a well thought-out study. I can’t wait for the next one!”

– Lisa Griffin


“This practical and insightful study into the lives of the women of the Bible will open your eyes to the challenges they faced with faith and courage. By studying their lives, you will learn that you, too, can be strong in tough situations and God will bless you and your family for generations to come.”

– Patty Felker, Songwriter/Publisher, Noteworthy Christian Music


“Cora has written a book for us to know God in an intimate way. She gives great insight to what it may have been like to live during Old Testament times. This book enables us to place ourselves in these women’s shoes, see what they saw, and feel what they felt. After reading this book, I believe that all women, no matter the time period, were created to come to God with empty hands.”

– Antoinette Tranquille


“Cora Darrah is a masterful storyteller. Her research is apparent as she weaves the facts of these women of the Bible into a story that captivates you. Her compassion with our struggles today and insight into the past, allows us to resonate with these women and relate to each of them. The questions that follow each story are thought-provoking and lead to good discussions and life changes. I highly recommend this book to any group of women longing to know God more deeply. Not only will your love for God and his Word grow, but your friendships with other women will too.”

– Patty Hubbard


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