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Cora Darrah

In the past couple of years since I retired from teaching, I found myself lost. Then I brought Carl home and my whole perspective towards life has changed. Carl has brought lots of challenges into our lives but also lots of joy. He and his sister Bee are the inspiration behind my blog.

Just a little bit about me.  I am a wife, mother, sister, grandmother of four, tennis player. dog lover, but most importantly a child of God.

I wrote my first book, Here We Go Joe, a little over a year ago. I was inspired to write this book after spending the last 18 months assisting my husband and sister-in-law with the emotional decision of moving my father in law Joe from his home in South Carolina to an assisted living community. I truly hope this story of my experience with Joe can assist other families going through the devastating effects of dementia. You can purchase this book on Amazon.

I have recently published my first children’s book, Seasons at the Bus Stop .  It is a story that can be enjoyed by all children at any age. You can purchase this book at my website beeafriendbooks.com  My second book, Broccoli Trees is about a little boy who has trouble paying attention in school and how he is able to overcome his difficulties through changing what he eats and exercises. I am excited about both books and believe they each have an important message to share.

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    1. coradarrah Post author


      I appreciate your note about my children’s books. I am definitely going through a learning curve when it comes to setting up a website and developing an online store. I have been spending time with my grandchildren and sharing my book with them. I am excited by their response to my first children’s book. Hopefully it can be used as an effective tool to help children become more sensitive to the needs of others.



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