I am excited to say that Seasons at the Bus Stop has now been published and ready for sale. I am very excited about the curriculum that we are developing to encourage children to reach out to others that may have difficulty making friends. This book has been received well from the little people in my life and hopefully it can spur conversations with children of all ages. Seasons at the Bus Stop is about a boy and his dog and their experience at the bus stop. As the seasons pass, this boy goes through times that are difficult but with the help of a new friend, finds joy and fulfillment. Hopefully, you will find this book enjoyable to read and share it with a child that will want to reach out to someone who needs a friend.

Seasons at the Bus Stop 1

Seasons at the Bus Stop

To learn more about the illustrator and company that I am working with to have this book published click on this link.!books/cnec

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Jerry Barry in  Broccoli Trees is almost complete. It is about a boy named Jerry who struggles in school. He discovers that his friend who also had difficulty concentrating is now doing well and seeks advice on how to change. Jerry realizes his diet and lack of exercise is related to his poor performance in school. This book follows the transformation of a boy who begins to understand the importance of eating well and exercising. This book is intended for young readers but the message can be for all of us who struggle with dieting and exercise.

Picture of JB

Broccoli Trees

To discover more about the illustrator of this book and many of the incredible works she has done, please visit Hannah Darrah at

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