Our Frenchie is losing his tail

Something as simple as a tail can be so complicated. Carl, our five month old French bull dog has to go in for surgery today to have his tail cut off. If you looked at him, you would say, “What tail?” He only has a little flap compared to Bee’s tail. Her little stub can be seen moving up and down when she is excited or on alert. But not Carl’s. His stays in place. That’s the problem. When he goes out and does his business, his little flap gets in the way. So after months of staying still, an infection has set in and we have problems.

Carl is a fawn color with a narrow head for a Frenchie. He has deep brown eyes and a white marking on his forehead. He loves to do the Carl dance which is a little shuffle when he wants to jump but has been told to sit. He loves Bee, our older Frenchie. She is a black and white dog with a narrow tummy. She is calm and tolerates Carl when he is playing with her when all she wants to do is sleep.

Today, I take Carl to the surgical center where a board surgeon will do the surgery. Apparently, the tail has a lot of nerves that can be very tricky when you take a tail off. I didn’t realize until just recently that Frenchies are born with the stub or no tail. Some people think they are cut but they are not.

Carl is now sleeping in his bed, oblivious to the fact that his world is getting ready to change. Bee on the other hand, is sitting beside me getting ready for the life she knew before Carl. Sleeping in our bed… Once Carl came into our home, Bee has sacrificed the dream sleeping arrangements to sleeping in the crate out in the garage with Carl.

As mentioned in an earlier post, Carl howls. Not just for a couple of minutes of ear piercing moments but for up to an hour. So they had to be banished to the garage until Carl grows out of it. They don’t seem to mind. Once the blankets our pulled over the metal bars, it can appear to be the same as inside. Jay makes sure the heater is on and they are nice and comfy.

Later today, I will pack Carl and a three day supply of food and take him to the doggy hospital. Please pray for our little guy and I will keep you informed of his progress.

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