Have you ever had an idea that you initially thought would be a great way to move forward in your life? The only problem was that you didn’t follow through with it because of the huge obstacles you perceived would cause it to fail.

I was reading today about how God commanded men to be sent out ahead to discover the land that he had promised them. They went out for 40 days to explore this land and came back and reported what they had seen to the people.

Now these are the same people that had seen incredible acts of God towards the Egyptians when Moses was trying to persuade Pharaoh to let them leave. These are also the same people that experienced the miracle of the parting of the sea. But even so, the majority of the people who went out to explore only saw the obstacles and not the promise that God had given to them.

I have given these people a lot of thought in the last couple of years. First of all, I have been plagued by an uncertainty of where my promised land is and how to go there. Should I go back to teaching in some format or should I take a totally different direction in my new life?

The other day I was watching a movie about a talented young basketball player who was the highest scorer for his high school team. When he was a freshman in college he had a stroke which left him with seizures and a limp. For most of the movie he was trying to return to being what he was before the stroke. At the end of the movie he realized that he was now a different person, one that was better because of his situation.

Am I now a different person because my identity as a special educator is in the past? What can I say I am today as I seek out my new life? Will I be willing to look beyond the obstacles and pursue it? I hope that blogging about my own personal situation can promote the confidence I need to look beyond my own obstacles and travel down a unique path that has been created just for me.

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