Somewhere Over the Rainbow- Not

Today I drove down to New Bern to spend time with my father-in-law. I made a reservation at a hotel that overlooks the Neuse River and looks out over the massive bridges that connect the land masses. As I gaze over the water to the other side where houses line the shore, I think about how wonderful it would be to own a house on the water. These thoughts take me away into a place in my mind that isn’t real.

Just yesterday, I was listening to the song Somewhere Over the Rainbow and thinking about how Dorothy dreamed of a place she could escape to. Life was not good for her and particularly for her dog Toto. An angry neighbor with a terrible attitude wanted to put Toto down and Dorothy had only one solution.  She ran away.

But as we know, life only got worse for Dorothy as she tried to get home. A tornado swept her up into the sky and she ended up in a foreign land. After that, all she wanted to do was go home to how life was before she ran away.

As I think of Dorothy, my thoughts gravitate towards Adam and Eve and the decision they made in Eden. Here are two people with every need met and a close relationship with God. So why did they give it all up? What made the fruit so attractive to them? How did Satan know how to seduce them away from the perfection of the lives they shared with God? Simple. Tell them there is more, something better, just over the rainbow.

And if we ask ourselves, how often do we get caught up in the land of want? In Psalm 23:1 it states, “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want.” How hard is it to not be constantly thinking about life with more things, more vacations, and more fun? For most of it, literally impossible. But the answer is in the five previous words. “The Lord is my shepherd.” When we allow God to lead us in our own personal pasture and trust that he has given us all we need, our thoughts turn from what we want to being grateful for what we have.

So instead of thinking about the house across the river, I will focus on all my many blessings that keep being poured out and instead of being discontent with I don’t have, I will be happy with what is mine.

Published by Cora Darrah

Hello. My name is Cora. I live in Durham, North Carolina with my husband and two French Bulldogs, Vern and Bee. For thirty-two years, I taught children with unique needs. When I was eligible for retirement, I decided it was time to explore life from a different perspective. So with pen and paper, I have taken up blogging about two of the most extraordinary pets I know. More important than my pooches, is my relationship with God. I love God! He has blessed me with the gift of writing and I want to share what he is teaching me as I look through the eyes of four legged friends. So if you would like to experience how God works in all his creatures, join us on our adventure! When I first started blogging, my Frenchie, Carl inspired me through his crazy antics. But as life has it, Carl had to leave this world at the tender age of four. After a period of mourning for my little guy, I brought Vern home where he has ruled the roost. Oh, did I mention Bee, the Frenchie with a girl attitude and enough spunk to keep Vern in line. Come along beside us as we dive into God’s word and learn morsels of the treasures that only the scriptures can teach us. Vern and Bee would love to get to know you as well, so please feel free to follow us and share your comments….

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