He Calls Me By Name

Recently, Carl has been removing my pillows from the coach and curling up his little body for a midday nap. I could be upset about the demise of the pillow or I could be grateful that he hasn’t destroyed it.

On the other hand, the screen on the porch has been torn to shreds and Jay has had to place the heavy wire on both the inside and outside of the porch.

Every day I come home and conduct an inspection of the furniture and pillows to see if they have teeth marks engrained into them.

To be honest, we are concerned about our home and what Carl will use as a way to tell us that he doesn’t like it when we leave. But even as destructive as he has been, we just can’t help but love him.

Is he worthy of our love? No. Has he done anything to deserve this unconditional love? Absolutely not!

So if we can continue to love this little dog, why do we have such a problem believing God loves us? Do we feel we must be “good” enough to earn his love? Maybe.  Do we have a list of unforgiven deeds that plague us? Probably.

How do I know that God can love me with all my shortcomings? Two words that I discovered in the book of Mark tells me that God loves me in spite of my sinful self.

Do you remember how Peter had denied Christ three times before he was crucified? Can you imagine the feelings that Peter must have felt as he realized that he had turned his back on Jesus? I am sure Peter must have felt that there was no way that God could love him after betraying his beloved son.

Then to seal the deal, Peter is nowhere to be found when Jesus is dying on the cross. In his self-pity and fear, he retreats.

So what happens next is truly amazing.  The miracle of the resurrection happens. The tomb is empty and an angel greets the women with the news. Listen closely to what the angel says. “But, go tell his disciples and Peter, He is going ahead of you into Galilee. There you will see him, just as he told you.” Mark 16:7

Did I see that correctly? The messenger from God stated Peter by name. The one disciple that just denied Jesus was specifically mentioned.  Even in his most unworthy state, God told the angel to ask for Peter by name.

Now if God would seek out Peter in his lowest state, why shouldn’t I believe he would do the same for me?  Call me by name.

As for Carl. He continues to sleep peacefully on the little green pillow.  Serving as a sweet reminder from God of his gracious unconditional love.  So the next time, I think I am not valued by God, I will remember how much I love this crazy little dog and know God loves me so much more.IMG_1457

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  1. Thanks for the reminder that even though we are undeserving of His mercy and grace, He gives it to us anyway…in abundance! We are truly blessed!

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