Carl’s Wet Paws

Fall has arrived, and with it, leaves and pine needles litter the yard. Along with the leaves, mud puddles from recent rainfall have formed. The temperature is cool and there is a dampness that has settled in.

Carl cautiously heads outside to explore this change of season. It’s clear that he doesn’t like the feeling of the chilly moisture on his paws. So instead of his usual fast gait, Carl carefully makes his way across the lawn, dodging the puddles and wet leaves.

I certainly can’t fault Carl for his timid movements. I know that I also have my own mud puddles that I try to avoid. Instead of racing through life as I did when I was young, I now give more thought and time to each decision that is made. Fears that never existed in my younger years appear out of nowhere. These annoying feelings occupy space in my gut until I take action.

Since fear has been showing up more and more lately, I have been using precious time pondering what the source of these emotions are coming from. Could Satan be the driving force behind them? I am sure he doesn’t want me to actually live up to my potential and experience life to the fullest. So, he plants thoughts of failure and rejection in my heart, hoping to put my next steps on hold.

On the other hand, could this be the Holy Spirit testing my faith in God as I walk down another unexplored path? Wondering if I will go forth, even at the thought of being disappointed. In Psalm 37:3 David writes,”Trust in the Lord and do good: dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.” So even if I have this feeling of fear, I believe that if I am striving to draw closer to God through my actions, then I will actually enjoy safe pastures.

As for Carl, I am not sure if he will find a safe pasture among all of these damp leaves and mud puddles. But one thing is for certain, he has a comfy bed in front of a glowing fireplace to keep him nice and warm.  



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