God’s Intentional Love

Carl has continued to let us know that he doesn’t like it one bit when we leave home. It seems to be a form of separation anxiety that is causing us to leave him outside while we are away. I spoke to the veterinarian the other day and she suggested we purchase a special kind of collar for him. The collar secretes a chemical that is supposed to imitate a natural hormone that reminds Carl of his mother. Instead of being anxious, Carl should now be calm and happy.

I never thought that there was a hormone that gives babies a warm and fuzzy feeling when they are near their mother. But after observing my five month old grandson around his mother, I can believe it.

This time of year, draws my thoughts to the birth of Jesus Christ. It is hard to think of him as a little baby cuddled up to his mother. But that is exactly how he entered our world. As an infant, he was totally dependent on a young woman for the nourishment and love to survive.

Why would God come to us as a vulnerable baby?  Why not as a full grown man? He could have zipped through eternity and landed here for a brief period to let us know that he existed but he didn’t. He came to us in the same manner that all of us do. As a newborn.

If for no other reason, we should take a minute to pause and take in this incredible miracle of this baby’s birth. So many of us miss it. We are so busy buying the presents, sending the cards, and putting up the tree, that we miss experiencing the birth of our Lord and Savior.

If we could only see that our God is intentional in every move that is made. Jesus didn’t just happen to be born a baby, God intended this to happen from the beginning of time. God loves us so much that he not only came for a visit but he became a human, with flesh and bones and a heart that beats just like ours.

And the cool part of Jesus’ time here wasn’t only his birth but his death and resurrection. You see just as he lived on earth with his flesh and bones, when he was resurrected from the dead, he was also flesh and bones. He ate meals with his disciples and allowed Thomas to place his finger where one of the nails had been.

So, in this particular Christmas season when you are celebrating the birth of Christ, remember that he is alive and is planning an awesome home for all who call him Lord.

As for Carl, it has been over a week since he has worn his new collar and there is no sign of the calmness that we hoped for. Even so, he is loved by all of us and will continue to call our house his home.


2 thoughts on “God’s Intentional Love

  1. Cora, how profound is this message! This Christmas season has been more meaningful to me that any I’ve experienced in a long time. The reason being: I have truly been focused on the birth of Jesus. I think of what he gave up when he came down from heaven, how all of his power, majesty, and glory were confined to a baby, who was dependent on someone for all his needs. I am rejoicing each day as we move closer to the time we celebrate his birth. May his peace and joy be with you, Jay, and the rest of your family (including Carl). Nurtia

  2. Thank you for your kind words. We all can so easily loose sight of the meaning of this time of year. I am so thankful for Jesus and his time here on earth. I can’t and don’t want to think of what life would be like with out Him.

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