To Live Unhurried

Ever since we have had Carl and Bee, we have been trying to figure out how to slow them down on our walks. We have tried several different kinds of collars and techniques to get them to heel instead of pull ahead of us. After experimenting with a variety of collars, we have found that choke collars work the best and even help them feel better once their walk is finished. When we place a harness on them, I believe if I got in a wagon, they would literally pull me around the neighborhood.  Why do they walk so fast? Why do they seem to be in such a hurry?

I began reading a book this morning called An Unhurried Life by Alan Fadling and was instantly convicted. If Carl and Bee have been rushing through their walks, than I must be running a marathon through my life. When was the last time that I intentionally tried to slow my pace down? On the contrary, my goal has always been to stuff as many activities inside of one day as possible.

Fadling mentions in his book that Jesus lived an unhurried life. He shares how when Jesus began his ministry, he didn’t instantly get on the campaign trail to raise support and publicity but instead he retreated to the desert for forty days. As I began to think through the gospels, I can’t remember a single time that Jesus is seen running. The time that it states that he is walking is when he is walking on the water towards the boat that the disciples are in. Now this would have been a time that most of us would think he should be running. The disciples are in a boat on the verge of being capsized and Jesus walks over to them. He doesn’t run but walk.

Why does Jesus walk instead of run?  I believe it has to do with his faith in God. He knew that he had the ability to calm the sea and that his disciples would be fine. He didn’t have to feel hurried or distracted by the storm. This was only one example of how Jesus walked through life. If we look close enough, Jesus never once seemed hurried. On the contrary, every step he took had purpose and intent.

What can I learn from this? I have been thinking through my schedule and am appalled at how hurried I have been. I am at one place thinking about how I need to get to the next place. Losing the blessings of the moment. When I am praying or reading my Bible, the to do list mounts up in my mind which causes me to lose sight of the truth. Now that I am aware of my hurried existence, I plan on making some changes in my schedule and in my heart.

As for Carl and Bee, I am not sure if I can teach them the importance of slowing down and learning how to walk the pace of grace. But for me, as I take them for walks, I plan on taking time to appreciate every moment that I can even when they are l pulling me at a running speed.


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