The Skin I’m In

I still just don’t understand why Carl feels insecure and envious of Bee. Carl has a beautiful coat and he is larger and more dominant than Bee. So why is it that whenever Bee comes close for attention, Carl is right there to push her away or even nip at her? It doesn’t matter how much attention he gets, he has to be center stage.

I have gone through periods of insecurity at times and can relate to Carl but thankfully with the grace of God I have been happy with the skin that I am in. It really hurts my heart to see people who have so much but just can’t be content with the life that they have been given.

Saul is a good example of someone who was obsessed with jealousy and bitterness. He was the first chosen king for the nation of Israel. I Sam 9:2 states that Saul was the most handsome man and was taller than all of the people of Israel. From his outside appearance, you would think that he would only be confident in himself.  But he wasn’t at all.

This was first revealed after Saul and David had returned from war and the women sang “Saul has slain his thousands and David his ten thousands.” 1 Samuel 18:7.  In the next verse it states that Saul was angry with David and from that day on kept his eye on him and used his military to hunt him down. For years, Saul’s insecurity and jealousy drove him to destruction.

Why would a man that appeared to have it all be so obsessed with the demise of another?  What causes any of us to be preoccupied with jealous or envious thoughts? The answer is easy but the application can be extremely difficult. When we take our eyes off of God and place them on others, we will surely end up in a jealous state. But if we focus on God’s sovereignty and his unique plan for us, we will feel blessed.

Saul knew that David was going to be the next anointed king and he couldn’t take his focus off of this fact. On the other hand, David kept his focus on God being in control over everything and trusted in Him. Even when his life appeared to be in danger time and time again, David didn’t take his eyes off of his Lord.

It’s too bad that Carl’s mentality doesn’t allow him to know our Lord and Savior. Hopefully, he will feel my love enough to be content with who he is and start becoming more confident.  But until then, I will have to get used to his desire to be the king of the roost.IMG_0202

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