The Recipe for a Miracle

Carl is sleeping quietly. This morning he has already declared his presence by waking me up with a piercing howl before there was light in the sky. It would be easy for me to make a racketIMG_0205 and keep him awake but he looks so peaceful as he lays next to Bee. Sometimes when I don’t have my own needs met, it can be difficult to want to meet the needs of others.  Particularly when they are the cause of my lack of sleep.

I believe it is human nature to want to make sure that our personal desires are met before we strive to meet the needs of others. But as I read the story of Elijah and the widow, I come to realize that God wants to meet all of our needs on His terms and not ours.

There are so many aspects of this particular story that I have come to hold on to when I feel that my personal needs are not being met. We pick up the story in 1 King 17:8. God tells Elijah to go to a Gentile widow in the midst of a very harsh drought. She is at the very end of her food supply and is preparing her last meal for her son and herself before finding a place to die.

Elijah is a stranger to this widow but she apparently recognizes him as an Israelite and has heard of the God he worships. So when he asks her to make him a small cake out of her last bit of flour and oil, she steps out on faith and does as he requests. This is where the miracle occurs. Right in the middle of her meeting Elijah’s needs, her own needs are met. Even after feeding Elijah, she finds that there is enough left to make food for both her son and herself. But God doesn’t stop here. He continues to provide the widow with flour and oil until the drought is over.

Now if God can create this miracle in this widow’s life, why can’t we believe that He wants to do the same for each of us? But it is important to carefully consider the order of the events to actually see His favor. Dr. David Jeremiah recently said something in a series on marriage that has really struck a chord with me. He stated, “As a wife, you will have your needs met on the way to meeting your husband’s needs.” I have given this statement a lot of thought and have been trying to practice this principle.

God wants me to step out on faith and trust Him as I strive to meet my husband’s needs along with others that He has placed in my path. And the crazy thing is that the more I place their desires before mine, the less I am focused on what I want.

As for Carl, he continues to sleep the morning away as I struggle to keep my eyes open. But even so, I can’t help but think about how much pleasure his company has brought to my life and the proof that miracles truly do happen.

2 thoughts on “The Recipe for a Miracle

  1. How very true this is in marriage. I found that when I gave unconditional love to Dennis, everything changed! He did not realize what I had asked God for, but my actions caused a huge burden to be lifted from his shoulders…I had expected him to meet all my needs instead of relying on the Lord. Through my change in behavior and expectations, he began giving to me in ways that were so meaningful. I am just sorry I didn’t see much earlier in our relationship that I was the one who needed to change!!

  2. Nurtia, I totally can relate to your feelings. I have been so blessed by my marriage because of the grace of God. It is truly amazing what God can do if we just push ourselves out of the way.

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