Taking Care of All Things

I am unsettled. I don’t want to share my feelings with my husband and have him upset with the thoughts that are nagging at me. Today is Christmas and we are headed down to see my daughter and our four grandchildren. Our truck is full of packages and food for our family. So what thoughts are interrupting the bliss of this Christmas morning?

Bee and Carl received their Christmas presents before we left. I obtained their gifts from a pet store the other day and knew that they would enjoy the shank leg of a lamb. The employee promised that the shank wouldn’t break and so I bought two.

But this morning after giving my two Frenchies the shank bones I noticed that Carl was already tearing the bone apart and swallowing some of the small pieces. Instead of taking the bones away before leaving, I left Carl and Bee chewing on their Christmas gifts.

At this point there is nothing I can do but pray to God that He will send angels of protection into my home. Some may think that I shouldn’t bother God with this prayer when I clearly shouldn’t have left the dogs unattended with the bones. I would probably agree if I didn’t have the Bible to reassure me that many of the people described in it made some really stupid decisions.

Sarah, Abraham’s wife grew impatient with God and took matters into her own hands. (Genesis 21) She wanted a baby and time was not on her side. After waiting ten years, she gave Hagar, her maidservant to Abraham and Hagar became pregnant. Instead of being happy about this situation, Sarah became extremely upset and sent Hagar away.

Sarah clearly sinned on many different levels and if God wasn’t full of grace and mercy, He would probably have turned his back on her. But He didn’t. Instead of moving on to a different couple, He blessed them with a son of their own. So, I have to believe that God is still as patient and merciful towards me as He was to Sarah.

Thankfully, upon returning to the house, I could hear Carl’s whine and Bee’s mellow bark. Once on the porch, I noticed several pieces of the bone scattered on the floor. Before doing anything else, I picked up the remains and threw them in the garbage. The dogs were definitely not happy with this decision but I knew that it was for the best.

I raised a grateful prayer up for my pups and thanked God for taking care of all things, large and small.img_1312

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  1. I’m just in love with your puppies! Thank you for a great post. I always need to be reminded, as much as possible, that I am not the only boneheaded sinner on this planet.

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