A Vacation Rescue

As we looked down at our fawn colored French bulldog, stuck between two carts and looking terrified, we knew we had to act quickly. Thankfully the cart behind us had smashed their brakes in the nick of time and saved Carl from a life threatening injury.

Once Carl was back up in the lap of my husband, we continued down the parade route. I couldn’t believe the number of carts that participated in this event. People of all ages and demographics took part in this spectacle. Later I learned that this golf cart parade has been going on since 1974.  CRAZY! IMG_3876

As the week went by, Carl enjoyed the attention he received from strangers. Many who had to leave their own pet at home just wanted a minute or two to stroke Carl’s back and share about their own dog that was left behind.

Early each morning, before the sun peeked out from the horizon, my husband would get up and call for us to join him on the beach. This morning we rose extra early so that we would make sure to see the bright orange ball rise above the ocean line.

It is a good thing that most people that were lingering on the beach had also been jostled out of bed by a loved one. Since I didn’t have a chance to run a comb through my hair, I felt like I was in similar company. IMG_3863 (1)

I must admit that watching the brilliant sun rise gave me a sense that our creator was providing a new day for all of us to enjoy. One tall man with a huge smile greeted us as he passed. Then before I knew it, he had clasped the hands of a middle aged man and could be heard praying.

Isn’t it cool how if you are looking for a spiritual connection, it can be easily found?  It is all about being in touch with the Holy Spirit.  This man was a great example of how God will place the exact person in your life if you keep an open mind and heart.

Days have taken on a pattern.  Getting up early for a walk on the beach and through the campground. Once we get back, Carl takes a little nap before everyone gets up from their slumber. After breakfast, it is off to the water park where there is an area suited for all age groups. IMG_3897

It has been extremely hot this week and Carl spends most of the daytime hours in the comfort of his air conditioned guest house. But once the sun makes its way towards the horizon and the sand is no longer hot, Carl makes his way onto the beach and prances down to the water. IMG_3882

As the week came to an end, Carl has made many new friends. Instead of the typical jumping up behaviors that we witness at home, the little dog has been transformed into a docile pooch.

The last night of our vacation, Carl and I made one last trip to the beach where the sky was being lit up by fireworks. And even though the popping noise is loud, he doesn’t seem fazed by it.  All he seemed to want to do is find the next person to rub his head and be told how wonderful he is.

But as we all know, vacations will always come to an end. And as wonderful as Myrtle Beach was, getting home to our own house and routine seems to be just what Carl is dreaming about. IMG_3901 (1)

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