It’s My Birthday

It’s my birthday and I can cry if I want to.

It is my birthday but so far, no tears. Instead a realization of another year to add to all the others that have piled up over time.

What is a birthday? A place in time that marks how many trips the earth has rotated around the sun while I’ve been on my personal ride called life.

It could be a time for reflection and a chance to make goals for the future.

But mostly, for me, it’s a time of giving thanks to my Maker for all that He has blessed me with. A husband and two daughters who love me and an adornment of grandchildren, sons in laws, and grown siblings.  And I can’t forget the many friends that have come beside me in my walk through this life. I am eternally grateful for them all.  

Oh, and did I mention my little dogs that live at my feet, providing me with an abundance of unconditional love.

So, it’s my birthday and if I do shed some tears, it will be out of gratitude for all the gifts that I’ve been given over my personal trips around the sun.


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