Scooter Gratitude

If you have ever broken a bone in one of your legs, you can definitely relate to what I’m about to say. Two days ago, I went into the orthopedic office. Given my foot was extremely swollen and I couldn’t bear weight, I knew something was wrong. So I wasn’t too surprised when they pointed out the two fractures on the x-ray. Then in a very nonchalant manner, the technician brought in a set of new crutches just for me.

Now, I would say I’m in reasonably good shape for my age, but what they charged me to do next was downright crazy! After fitting the aluminum sticks to my height, and giving me a two minute training session, like a mother bird sending out her birds from the nest, told me to fly.

Walking on crutches is a skill that needs time and attention. And I had neither. When my husband stopped the car in the driveway, I was given the task to make my way down a cement path, up five wooden steps, across a threshold, and down a hallway before sitting down. And one small mistake along the way could cause further damage that I don’t want to even ponder.

For the next couple of hours, I had to consider if the trip to the bathroom or other destination was worth the chance of falling. And as the day turned into night and the few trips I did take wore on my arms and good leg, I couldn’t imagine how I would get along for the next six weeks of recuperation.

The next morning, after a couple of phone calls, my husband located a medical supply store and promptly left and returned with a rented scooter. Now I’ve seen people out in public scooting around on these strange looking four wheeled apparatus, but had no idea how essential this device was to their independence and recovery.

But now I do!

So this morning as I was studying gratitude and how important it is to our mental health, I knew I had to give a shout out to whoever the human or humans were that laid in bed and visualized how this little mode of transportation would change their life. So whoever you are, I want to personally thank you for allowing me the opportunity to slide down the hall, place objects in my nifty basket, and actually get from point a to point b without breaking another bone.

I know in the next couple of weeks, I will have to use my crutches and I want to go ahead and thank my husband for being willing to assist me during these challenging moments.

And lastly, I want to thank all my friends and readers of these words who have and will stand on the sidelines cheering me on throughout this healing process. You are the BEST!!!

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