Ears Straight Up

For all practical purposes Vern is an orphan. He was taken away from his parents when he was nine weeks old. He was whisked away to a home filled with humans and one sister dog. At first, he was clearly sad and couldn’t understand why he had been removed from the mother who had given him birth. But now, he has humans that care for every one of his needs and most of his desires.

I also know what it feels like to be an orphan. I am an old orphan, but still an orphan. My mom died over thirty years ago and my dad passed away in 2010. And even though I’m an adult, every once in a while, I still feel the loneliness that comes from losing my parents.

So about six weeks ago, I tripped and fractured my leg in three places. I had surgery and have been hoppling around ever since. I’m unable to get out of the house without assistance, so I’m basically house bound. Well, if you ever had a medical condition that has kept you isolated from the people you enjoy being around, you might understand the loneliness that can creep in.

I wasn’t surprised when the visitors stopped coming, but I was taken back by the sense of isolation and despair that walked in and wanted to take over. At first, I felt a little on edge, but as the days have gone by, I have become down right irritated and annoying. (Just ask my husband)

Jesus knew we would experience the feelings that come along with being an orphan or the times in our lives when we are lonely. He speaks to his disciples about the days after he leaves them. Days that I’m sure were filled with loneliness and extreme despair.

“I will not leave you as orphans. I will come to you.” (John 14:18)

And the great thing about this verse is it wasn’t written only for the disciples, but it was also intended to encourage us. You see, Jesus died, and after he ascended into heaven, he asked the Father to send us the Holy Spirit to reside within us for forever. How cool is that! So when I feel lonely, I can return to his promises and realize that I’m not alone.

Vern has been extra attentive since my accident. He finds every opportunity to snuggle up close and draw on the love that comes from being nearby. As an orphan, no matter the age, it’s nice to have others that can relate. Even if they have ears that stick straight up and snore a lot.

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