A Waiting Mindset

Vern looked from person to person, waiting to see what would happen next. Would a walk on the beach be in his future? Or maybe a stroll down the sidewalk where he could interact close and personal with other four legged friends. Whatever the event, he was ready for it to happen. No more waiting around. Let’s do this!

All of us have had to wait.  Most of us have had the experience of waiting for a delayed airplane? Some have had to wait for a dreaded surgery.  On the other side of the coin, some like myself are waiting for a cruise that was supposed to happen two years ago but has been pushed out into the future because of a broken leg and Covid. No matter if the future event is pleasant or feared, everyone has gone through the motions of waiting.

As David is writing Psalm 27, he is waiting. He had been appointed king by the prophet Samuel, but nothing about his life spelled royalty. Instead of sitting on a throne, he was sitting in the midst of despair. David was waiting, but it’s what he is waiting for that gives him the power to turn the waiting into a blessing.

Psalm 27:14 “Wait for the LORD; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the LORD.”

Instead of focusing on what the future holds, David looks to the LORD for the present. He decides to look upon the goodness of the LORD (Psalm 27:13) and wait in the LORD, not what the future may or may not bring.

A couple days ago, my husband and I had plans. We were excited about a visit with some friends, but in the last minute, our friends had to cancel. So instead, we decided to pack up Vern and Bee and make our way to the beach for two days of unseasonable warm weather. And as we enjoy the pleasant temperatures and the sand between our toes, our two little Frenchies wait alongside us for what will happen next.

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