A Small Blessing

The sand was difficult to walk in. The wet substance and tides rolling in made it hard to continue. But for some unknown reason, we trudged down the shore. Strangers walked in front of us. A man and woman headed in the same direction at a slower pace.

It’s impossible to remember the first comment that connected us for this moment in time. Whatever it was, it drew my husband into a conversation with the younger man and for me to converse with his wife. And in those minutes in time, we told our life story with all its fears and desires to push on.

The two Carnival ships stood in the waters of Amber Cove as we shared what was on our hearts and minds. Was this a coincidence or a moment that was purposefully given to each of us? I believe it was the later. People attracted in time and space for a divine reason.

Minutes clicked by and words flowed. Unexpected tears streamed down my cheeks and hugs exchanged.

We may never see these two individuals ever again. Life will move on. But on this beach in Amber Cove among thousands of strangers, my husband and I met two people that we needed and they us.

As I write this entry, a day has passed and my heart is full of gratitude for the Creator that fashioned this particular time and place for the four of us to meet. And I believe if He can give us this small blessing, he will give us more. We just have to look for them.

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