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Barlett Durham

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about locating Bartlett Durham’s final resting place at Maplewood Cemetery. At that point I didn’t realize how wrong the information was on Durham’s grave marker. And to be honest, I am puzzled by the fact that the marker hasn’t been corrected.

Julian S. Carr

Julian S. Carr advocated for years to have Bartlett’s body moved to Maplewood Cemetery, but it wasn’t until a decade after his death that Mayor W. F. Carr and county commissioner John Harris accepted the responsibility of moving Durham’s body from the graveyard in Orange County belonging to his mother’s side of the family, the Snipes.

In 1833 his body was disinterred, revealing a window where his gold rimmed glasses could be seen resting on his skull. The body was taken to the Hall-Wynne Funeral Home where Durham lay in rest for several days until, on January 2, 1834 he was moved to his final burial place. Given the effort it took to move his body, it should be assumed that the grave marker would be correct. But no. Instead Durham lies below a marker full of errors.

Durham was born in 1824, not 1822 and he died in 1859, not 1858. And to add to the erroneous information, his middle name is not Snipes but Leonidas. But even with all the errors, one thing is clear. Bartlett Leonidas Durham’s generosity will be remembered by the people who call Durham home.

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