Durham in Lights

Courtesy of the Durham County Library

The year is 1913, and Richard Harvey Wright and Julian Carr have acquired a fifty year franchise to provide the city with electric lights and power to run the streetcars. Durham Traction Company has finally begun to see a surge in ridership and now with the license to provide power to the city, they decide to flaunt their success with a sign that would make every citizen of Durham proud.

(Courtesy The Herald-Sun Newspaper)

Given, the height and position of the sign, I’m sure it was quite a spectacle for all to witness as they entered the downtown area. Richard Wright was probably ecstatic as he gazed upward at the sign, proclaiming to all the world, what a great city Durham had become.

Courtesy of Durham County Library

But the sign, with all its glory, was not to last. Not long after the sign had been erected, a storm came through and destroyed it. Leaving only a few photographs to remember it by.

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