The Traveling Trio

These three women were known for their willingness to go to the far ends of the world. Thanks to their Uncle Richard Harvey Wright, who was known for traveling across the Atlantic ninety-four times, the Pacific fourteen times, and around the world eight times.

Aunt Cora (who I was blessed to be named after) Mary Ruth and Nannie Bet were inseparable. Here they are visiting Nannie Bet in Atlanta.

Lila, their oldest sister and Sidney Chambers, Cora’s husband, accompanied the three sisters on trips around the world before they passed away.

The trio were very adventurous! This is Nannie Bet, Mary Ruth and Cora riding an elephant to Amber Palace in India.

And here they are in front of the Taj Mahal. These women knew how to travel!

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For the past two years, I have been researching and writing about my grandfather’s uncle, Richard Harvey Wright. When I began my search, I knew very little about this man except that he was one of the founding fathers of Durham, North Carolina. But what I discovered was a story of passion, love, and a determination to succeed with no boundaries. My new book, A Story of Durham: Told the Wright Way, will cause you to reflect on your own history and hopefully create in you a desire to study your past to understand your presence.

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