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Here We Go Joe is a true story inspired by 18 months that Cora Darrah spent assisting her husband and sister-in-law with the emotional decision of moving Joe—her father-in-law who suffers with dementia and cancer—from his home in South Carolina to an assisted living community on the coast of North Carolina. Cora shares from the heart to inspire other families dealing with the devastating effects of dementia. Relying on her faith and hard-learned lessons about living and dying with love and dignity, Cora shares her personal experiences, from relating to health professionals to managing family and even neighborhood relationships.

Cora is a first time author, married for 36 years, the mother of two beautiful daughters, and grandmother to three grandchildren. As a special educator for over 30 years teaching children with intellectual disabilities, Cora has a real passion for working with children who display autistic tendencies.

Cora has recently begun blogging about her walk with God, which served as a catalyst for writing Here We Go Joe. Each post focuses on how God works in all situations, even times of suffering. Find her blog articles at www.CoraDarrah.com.

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  1. Hey Cora, I can’t wait to read the rest!! When is it available on Amazon or can I buy it locally? Hope to see you soon Rhonda

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