Rain Showers

It’s been weeks since we had our last good rain shower. Yesterday, I had several flowers just shrivel up and die in the intense heat. One day they were thriving and the next gone. As I woke ready to play tennis and walk the dogs, I realized that God had different plans. The sky was dark and soft rumbles came in waves like the water as it hits the shore and rolls back into the sea, only to hit the shore again. But what caught my attention the most was the tinted sepia sky. I felt like I was viewing my world through an old camera lens.  A feeling that was totally surreal and peaceful swept through my body as I made my way out onto the porch. Then as if my entrance to the outside would be the key to open the clouds, the rain began to pour down on me.  The aroma of fresh rain engulfed me and I suddenly felt the presence of God, the creator of all things.

So often we view God as one who created, not the one who is actively creating. Couldn’t the God who created the heavens and the earth also create a morning full of glory and splendor? Then why don’t we see Him in each day? Could the distractions of this life and the trivialities of what we think are important be blocking the view of our creator’s best work?

The rain has stopped and the fresh blanket of moisture has renewed the life of the flowers that seemed so destined to die only a day ago. Their colors appear more radiant and new buds are ready to awaken. But most importantly, it has also left me with a renewed perspective of my creator and the blessings that each day brings. Just like the flowers that can shrivel one day and thrive the next, I also need rainstorms to heighten my awareness of my glorious father and all his wonderful gifts.


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