Living in a Cloud

My husband and I are renting a small cabin in the mountains for a couple of days. We are located high up on a mountain isolated from the sounds and sights of the world. This morning as we arose a dense cloud had enclosed in on us so that all that could be seen were the trees and wildlife that huddled close to the property. Trees took on an eerie adornment of mist and dark shadows. The grass spread out like a damp green carpet sparkling from the dew.

We were also separated from the world due to no internet service. No phone, no Facebook, no computer connections to the cloud. Suddenly we were thrust into an uncomfortable state of letting go of what is outside of ourselves and focused on who we were as individuals and as soul mates. Adjustments were made as we slipped into a groove like placing a pillow into a fresh clean pillow case.

A light brown fawn grazed on grass right outside of the window. We looked at each other and then with a wave of his tail, he continued to munch on his breakfast of grass. Others joined him as my husband and I took the time to peer out the window checking to see if they remained.

A flock of wild turkeys poked out from the brush behind the cabin. With a gawking noise that indicated their annoyance that humans had intruded their habitat, they quickened their pace and darted to denser brush.

It is different here in the high country. Life has slowed down and there is more time to contemplate the blessings that surround us like a warm blanket on a cool evening. The stars are brighter at night and the chirping of the birds can be easily heard. But most of all, the stresses of this world have fallen off our backs like the water that comes down from a clear mountain stream.

Hopefully, once returning to the busyness of life, we can mentally retrace our time here on the mountain top. Remembering the breath taking views of God’s creation and His infinite glory. Never forgetting that no matter where we are physically, our Father in Heaven is still as close to us, ever wanting for us to find the inner peace that can only come from Him.

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