The Very Steps We Take

The rocky path was hard to maneuver but I found if I kept moving, I could almost glide over the rocks and stones that lay under my feet. But if I slowed down and thought about the obstacles that lined the path, it would cause me to stumble and almost bring my pace to a halt. I knew I had to stay calm and continue even when a huge bolder was glaring out at me. My husband was now far ahead of me and I had to quicken my pace to keep up. I definitely didn’t want to be abandoned in the middle of the woods with no one to come to my rescue if I did fall. So my only option was to keep going forward. Turning back was not a choice.

Recently with the publication of my first book, I have realized how important it is to move forward and not focus on all the obstacles that keep rising at each turn. I am not surprised by them but definitely would have preferred an easier route.

It is at times like these that I peer into the word to find sense to this life and my own particular journey. Today I have found a gem when looking through the Message version of the Bible. Proverbs 20:24 states: “The very steps we take come from God; otherwise how would we know where we’re going?” This little verse brings so much comfort to me as I go down this bumpy road. Knowing that each step I take has been directed by God gives me the confidence I need to glide over the rocks and stones of this life.

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