The Waiting Room of Life

Carl spends a lot of his waking hours waiting. On any given day, you can find him waiting for someone to come home or for someone to put those wonderful morsels of food in his dish and lower it to the floor. No matter what he is waiting for, he doesn’t like it one bit.Continue reading “The Waiting Room of Life”

Storms In Our Lives

Carl has done it again.  His separation anxiety continues to be clearly displayed. This time, Jay’s new recliner was attacked and the chair lost.  Because Carl cannot be trusted in the house when we are away, he and Bee have been banned to the porch and back yard. If they want to come in, theyContinue reading “Storms In Our Lives”

Stuffings from the Heart

I knew it was coming. I looked at the clock and wanted to close my eyes for just a couple of minutes. But like most mornings, I waited for Carl’s quiet whimper to change over to the piercing howling that we had grown to tolerate. After a couple of minutes of hearing the annoying noise,Continue reading “Stuffings from the Heart”

This season of my life

It is clear that the seasons are changing. The sun is coming up a little later in the morning and the air is becoming just a tad cooler. There is a carpet of dew that glimmers in the early morning sun and creates a dampness that wasn’t there only a couple of weeks ago. JustContinue reading “This season of my life”

The Straight and Narrow

Most mornings, right after the sun comes up you can find me taking my two French Bulldogs for a three mile stroll around the neighborhood. These two dogs love to walk and can be very competitive with one another. Bee, our black and white dog, usually takes a straight and narrow approach to walking. SheContinue reading “The Straight and Narrow”

With the Help of a Walking Stick

It just wasn’t what I thought it would be. From the brochure and name of the cabin, I was certain we would have a creek running through the property where we could walk down with fishing poles and hopes of a big catch. But as we turned off the road where the river winded besideContinue reading “With the Help of a Walking Stick”