Living in the Shadows

For the last week, Carl has been living in the shadows. I never thought there would be a day that Carl would not be in the center of our home’s attention. But given our grandchildren are staying with us, Carl has been living his life beyond the forefront.

There are many of us that never live in the forefront. We may appear insignificant to the masses and walk around without ever being noticed. We may have mundane occupations that never receive the awards and accolades that others we know receive.

What is interesting is as I read the story of David, I have realized he is one of us. When Samuel went to anoint a son of Jesse to become king,  he thought he knew exactly who would be chosen. Samuel asked Jesse to present his sons to him. The first son to parade before God was Abinadab. Since Jesse chose him first, he must have had a special place in his father’s heart. But God told Samuel that he would not be king.

As Jesse called Shammah, he must have thought that it had to be this son. If it wasn’t Abinadab it must have been this strong young man that demanded the attention of others. Perfect candidate for being a king. But once more, Samuel hears no word from God.

I can’t imagine how Jesse felt as the sons that he would have chosen paraded by the prophet without even a second glance. All seven of them didn’t even get a nod.

Then Samuel asks Jesse if this was all of his sons. Just the thought of not even being considered states a lot about how Jesse felt about David. Can you imagine how David must have been treated as a child if he isn’t even a blimp on the radar?

Jesse responds by telling Samuel that there is one more BUT there is no way God would be considering anointing him.  He is out shepherding the sheep. A job that would be given to servants or ones that you don’t want around. I am sure Jesse must have been thinking that Samuel had it all wrong. Why would God want David?

In the isolation of the fields, God had been preparing David for his position as king over Israel. The lonely nights where David only had God to speak with and to rely on. God knew David’s heart. He knew that in this mundane, out of the forefront life, God had a man that he could etch into the greatest king that was ever known.

This encourages me as I sit here and peck out words that I believe God put on my heart. For so many years of working in a classroom without recognition and being the youngest of five. I can relate to David. I know that I was never chosen to be a king but I do believe I was chosen to be a child of God.

As for Carl. The grandchildren will eventually go home and he will once again return to the forefront of our attention. But until then, you can find our little pooch living in the shadows.


4 thoughts on “Living in the Shadows

  1. HI Cora!! This picture is so cute of your grandchildren!! And, I loved your writing about David and then comparing it with you ( and all of us)! The Lord has definitely given you the gift of writing, though, so your devotions “stand out” in a very special and unique way. HE always using us for His glory when we desire to do His will. Thank you for writing as unto HIM! Love, Kathleen

    1. Kathleen, thanks for the kind words. I have loved having my grandchildren with me but it definitely has changed my priorities for the last week. I hope to see you soon.

  2. Dear Cora,
    Thanks for your words of wisdom. As someone with chronic health issues, I can relate to a young David. Staying at home for the last 25 yrs has been isolating. If not for the phone and internet I would have lost my mind! But God has used this time to reshape me and my priorities. He allowed me to get desperate enough to ask Him to give me a song, which I could offer back to Him, and He surprised me with a river of music! Nearly all are dedicated to Him. Now I have a new focus and new priorities. Though I’ve hated the illness, I thank God for the beauty He has brought out of the ashes in my life. God surprised me with gifts of joy, much like He surprised David with His anointing to be King over Israel. God always has something better for us than we can imagine. Thank God for His grace!

    1. Patty, thanks for sharing about your own life and how you can relate to David. It is amazing how God works if we focus on Him and his unending mercy. It was great seeing you yesterday. Look forward to seeing you soon!

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