Thanksgiving with Carl

Thanksgiving morning. I had to rise early to get the turkey in the oven so we can eat by early afternoon. The fire is on and Carl is snuggled up on the couch trying to find a couple more minutes of rest before everyone is up and around. I have to say he looks a little like a turkey this morning with his plump tummy and his beady eyes.

But Carl has nothing to worry about. Though I did hear from another owner of a French bull dog that there are places in Vietnam that find this breed of dog a delicacy.  She had saved her little pup from a breeder in that country and brought it back to America. My heart aches at the thought of this.

Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful for all our many blessings, particularly our friends and family, which also includes the four legged kind. I am also very thankful for God and how he was willing to sacrifice his only Son so that we could enter into an eternal relationship with Him.

Carl and I would like to wish all of you a wonderful holiday season. God bless you all…


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