Carl’s Kingdom

Carl has his own kingdom. He has a throne that he rests upon each night and a couple of subjects that meet all of his needs. If he needs a bath, he has a handmaiden to give him a thorough cleaning. He has the finest of canine food that is portioned out every day for his consumption.  Carl even has the ability to stop everyone in their tracks with his ear piercing howl.

With all the perks of royalty, there are responsibilities that must be met. For Carl, it is making sure that he follows the rules that have been set up by the prime ministers. Rules such as doing his business outside and not in the confines of the palace. He also has to be nice to the guests that visit his royal home and refrain from nipping at them when they first enter the door.

All of the kingdoms of this world have their advantages and disadvantages. In 483 BC there was a king that sat on the throne of Persia by the name of King Ahasuerus. He loved to party and show off his wife who was very beautiful. When she declined to come to the party and stand before the men, Ahasuerus had her banished from the throne.

Then a contest was held to find the king a new queen. After many women came through the palace doors, he selected Esther, a Jewish woman who happened to be an orphan. This woman was placed in this situation at this particular time for a specific purpose.

It happened that there was a prime minister named Haman that despised the Jews and wanted them all killed. Esther was in fear of her life but knew in her heart that she had to act. And she did. She could have tried to save only herself but instead, her decision saved the Jews from destruction.

Even though God’s name is never mentioned in the book of Esther, it is clear that He was at work behind every detail that transpired. He had placed Esther on the throne to be used for His Kingdom.

Just like Esther, we are all called to be used in God’s Kingdom at this specific time in history. We only need to look at the Word of God to understand this.  We then need to look at our gifts and passions to take the steps towards pleasing our eternal king.

Even though Carl has his own little kingdom, he will never understand the significance of his role in the lives of others. That is where we come in.  We can begin by sharing about the adventures of this white dog. Because if God can be glorified through this little pooch, just wonder how He can be glorified through each of us.

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