The Truth About Angels

Carl is no angel.  He is far from it. If I get too close to him while he is dozing on the couch, I have learned that if he is irritated by my proximity, he will let out a quiet but effective growl. This is his way of letting me know that I need to back off.IMG_4061

Just recently, I have been doing some research on angels and their spiritual purposes. It is amazing how many myths have been written about them and how we humans have a very shallow understanding of these invisible but real beings.

I don’t want to be a myth buster but I do believe that angels are real and have a specific purpose. First of all, angels are only male. There is not one single female angel mentioned in the Bible. Given that God created them before He created man and that they don’t die, there is no reason to have female angels flying around.

Another perception of angels that many believe is that they are like cuddling little beings that would only give us a warm feeling inside if we saw one. In every incident that an angel appeared in the Bible, the person practically freaked out with fear.

Angels are noted by the messages they send from God and the protection they provide to believers. Michael, the archangel is known for the battles that he has fought against demons while Gabriel is known for bringing messages to Mary, the mother of Jesus and to others.

The cool thing about angels is that they are invisible but can be transformed into the likeness of a human. And on rare occasions, a human can be given the ability to see them in their spiritual form.

Have you ever had a situation where you saw someone at an accident scene or in a hospital room that was there one minute but gone the next?  It could have been an angel. Or have you ever been on the highway and you were sure that you should have been hit by a car but didn’t? It could have been an angel interceding for you.

Carl has at times provided the inspiration for my blog as well as tried in his little bulldog way to protect me from harm.  Other than this, as much as I would like to believe that he is my little angel, he is far from it. But he does seem a little angelic with his wings. InkedIMG_0916_LI


4 thoughts on “The Truth About Angels

  1. I didn’t have much belief one way or the other about angels until I had a very traumatic attack that left me traumatized for years. After a particularly bad day, I asked God to show me where he was when I was attacked. And he showed me, in an instant, an angel protecting me! There’s more to the story, and I hope to write it up for a book soon. Pray that my story gets out to many people.

    1. Patty, I will pray for you and your story. Angels are very real and thankfully interceded for you at a time that you needed one the most! May God get the glory!

  2. What an interesting topic of study! I enjoyed reading this post and learning about angels. I definitely think of angels as warriors, not cuddlers; although I do believe they can comfort us. So interesting and inspiring.

    1. Terri, I am glad you enjoyed this topic. My understanding of angels only came from the media and what the world taught me. After researching the Bible, it has truly changed my perception of these spiritual beings created by our Maker.

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