Pushing Forward into Confidence

Carl hid behind the blanket and it was clear he didn’t want to be seen. When he heard the closing of the door, he knew he had missed his opportunity to ride in the shot gun seat in the big black truck.  Instead of riding with my husband on their regular Sunday morning drive, Carl stayed put in his comfortable bed.

I had encouraged him to get up and catch up with my husband but he seemed to lack the confidence to do so. What had been a move that Carl did automatically, he now seemed hesitant to even try. Could this little dog who seems so confident at times, feel insecure today?

We can easily lose confidence in life if we aren’t careful.  A blow to our self-esteem can come out of nowhere and if we aren’t centered, can send us reeling. When this happens, I find myself backing away so that I won’t feel the hurt that comes with the blow.

Many times, I have probably given up some of God’s most amazing gifts because I pulled away when I allowed my feelings to dictate my actions. Instead of pushing through the stabs of pain and using it to refine my heart, I have taken myself out of the fire.

“These trials are only to test your faith, to see whether or not it is strong and pure. It is being tested as fire tests gold and purifies it—and your faith is far more precious to God than mere gold;” 1 Peter 1:7 Living Version

God has a purpose for the fires in our lives. It is meant to refine our faith, not weaken it. This encourages me when my feelings are telling me one thing but His word is speaking an entirely different message.

As for Carl, I will encourage him to get up and move past the disappointment he currently feels. And when I push him, I am going to also push myself to not pull back but push forward when the fire begins to get a little too hot for my liking.

2 thoughts on “Pushing Forward into Confidence

  1. Today, I was summoned for jury duty; something every cell in my being was resisting. As I was getting ready to go, I remembered that only a few days ago, you led me in a Bible study about Deborah, the judge of Isreal. If she could judge between cases for the people of God, then perhaps I could too. Right before leaving the house, I called to check if I was still needed. The answer as ‘No’. I was so relieved. Yet I couldn’t help think this was a test sent from heaven to get my heart right about serving with the wisdom God has given me. Thanks for your message today, Cora!

    1. Patty, I am glad that you weren’t called for jury duty,but if you were, I am sure that there would have been a reason for you to be there. The more I study the Bible, the more I am convicted by the fact that God is in the big things but also in the details. Cora

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