Unfamiliar Waters

I am now in unfamiliar waters. Far from the normalcy that I have become accustomed to. Since Carl has left us, life has taken me in a direction that I didn’t choose or predict.

Many times in life, we get diverted and have to figure out how we are going to handle the situation that has been placed in our lives. There is no one that knew this better than the Apostle Paul. Since his conversion, life changed drastically for him.

Paul lost all control of his circumstances. After being imprisoned for his faith, taken on a ship in rough waters, and then shipwrecked on an island called Malta, this man only had his faith in God to rely on. While on the island, he accidently picked up a poisonous snake that bit him. Everyone thought he would die but instead, he lived without any effects of the snake.

Malta was a place that Paul did not plan on going to. He probably wondered how God would use him on such a small remote island in the middle of nowhere. But He did. Just like Paul, I am in a place that I was not expecting to be in without my little writing buddy by my side.

God has given me Bee, my other French bull dog to help fill the gap. She has been a little lost since Carl has left us, but enjoying all the extra attention a one dog family affords. She has been quick to get in my husband’s lap and come by my side for extra petting. Just this morning, she truly enjoyed a walk around the block without having to fight her way to the front.

Just like Bee, I need to be willing to look forward and not towards the past. And if I do, hopefully, I will understand how to find God’s presence in the midst of unfamiliar waters.

2 thoughts on “Unfamiliar Waters

  1. Continued thoughts and prayers to Jay, Bee and you! In time, God’s plan will unfold. Sometimes in unfamiliar waters, we just have to be patient, relax and go with the flow! ☺️🙏
    Love that Bee has blossomed, going out for walks..and enjoying them. Comforting you and Jay!
    Loved seeing you posting.😃😘
    Love you!!

  2. I am inspired by your fight to swim through the unfamiliar waters. I’m swimming through my own unfamiliar waters right now, and it hurts. This blog post was helpful. Thank you.

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