Meekness in Abnormal Times

Vern was back home but it wasn’t the same. After being away for over ten days, home looked familiar but there was something very different from when he left. Bee and the two humans who occupied the house were in place, but instead of being able to have free roam of the rooms, there were three additional little people running around and taking over Vern’s coveted space.

Vern was confused and clearly expressed it with the pee found on two spots on the floor. Hopefully, the humans will get the message. Even though the little people were always wanting him to play, all the little black dog yearned for was life to get back to normal.

Everyone can relate to Vern’s feelings. All we all want is life to return to normal. But as the virus continues to spread, no one can predict when normal will return, or if it ever will. And the hardest part is when we get stuck into thinking about the activities that we can’t do, instead of focusing on the blessings we have in front of us.

Jesus stated in Matthew 5:5, “Blessed are the meek for they will inherit the earth.” Initially, when we think of meek, we think of weak. But that is the furthest from the truth. Being meek is a word that was used to mean reigning in a horse. It is power to control ourselves from doing or saying something that we are tempted to do, and know we shouldn’t.

So in these times of wanting normalcy to return and making poor choices, Jesus tells us that if we can be meek, we can inherit the earth.  I believe this means that if we can reign in our actions or words regarding COVID, we can be happy with the place that we are in.

I am not sure if I can convince Vern of being happy with his changed life. But that is okay. The three little people are leaving today and he will have his home back to the way he likes it. Large and in charge.

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