Bursting with Color

Have you ever taken an extended vacation away from home? My husband and I rented a cottage near Myrtle Beach for a month. We are half way through the month and came home to check on our house and run some errands.

When we arrived home, I was greeted by this beautiful camellia that I planted a couple of years ago. This plant is the first to bloom each spring, welcoming the long awaited time of the year where everything begins to grow.

All the other plants and trees are still lifeless, but this one plant with its cascade of color gives me hope that spring will soon arrive with all its glory. Just like this plant with all its bursts of pink, our lives can be the first to bloom, providing hope for others around us.

Be the camellia in your circle of friends and family. Even when others appear lifeless, shine with all the colors that you have in you. Once you shine, take notice of the people you interact with and how they begin to blossom. And before you know it, a bouquet of flowers will be ready for gathering for all to cherish.   

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