Unlikely Change

Vern is no longer a puppy. He is now fifteen months old, which means he probably won’t change much from this point on. The habits he has of rolling on the road, or jumping on the bed will probably continue. And then there is the fear Vern has of his sister Bee. A fear which keeps him from eating his food when Bee stands in front of his bowl like a bully. These behaviors by both dogs seem to be more and more ingrained.

How often do we believe that a person we know will not change? Their attitude or habits continue day after day, month after month. Is there any hope that people will transform into a new creation when they have been stuck in the habits they have developed over time?

Saul was one such person in the first century that had his mind made up concerning the newly converted Christians. His teachings and instincts told him that these people needed to be stopped. He believed he was called by God to put an end to this movement and have everyone return to the thousands of years of laws and traditions set up by their Jewish forefathers.

In Acts 9, we are given a small glimpse of the interaction Saul had with Jesus as he walked the road to Damascus. A bright light appears and he hears the voice of Jesus personally speaking to him. There isn’t a long conversation, but it’s enough to change Saul for eternity.

What are we waiting for in order to change? Do we think God has to do something spectacular in our life? If we do, we might miss our personal interaction with Jesus. Look around, take a moment and speak to God. He desires to provide you the power to change and become a new creation. But first, he needs you to take a step of faith.

As for Vern and Bee, I believe they will change if I can learn to approach the situation in a different manner. I just have to figure it out and be consistent. Time will tell.  

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