An Outcome From the Present Gas Shortage

Vern and Bee were so excited this morning when we loaded up the camper and placed them in the backseat. They found a comfortable spot and fell asleep, assuming our destination would be somewhere other than home. But, after driving over three hours we pulled back into our driveway.

We were headed down to South Carolina from our home in North Carolina to go camping. I was determined to go while my husband wasn’t so sure. After passing at least twenty gas stations that didn’t have gas, he had enough. So we headed north and back to our home.

Now that we are safe and sound, I’m content. A mindset that has evolved this year with Covid. Knowing that God is sovereign, I have to trust him in this situation along with all the other disappointments we have experienced.

Romans 8:28 states it like this. “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”

If I can keep this verse at the forefront of all situations, my disappointments can be transformed into opportunities. As for Vern and Bee, they are enjoying the warm fireplace that our home provides instead of the cold floor of the camper. All is good.

Published by Cora Darrah

Hello. My name is Cora. I live in Durham, North Carolina with my husband and two French Bulldogs, Vern and Bee. For thirty-two years, I taught children with unique needs. When I was eligible for retirement, I decided it was time to explore life from a different perspective. So with pen and paper, I have taken up blogging about two of the most extraordinary pets I know. More important than my pooches, is my relationship with God. I love God! He has blessed me with the gift of writing and I want to share what he is teaching me as I look through the eyes of four legged friends. So if you would like to experience how God works in all his creatures, join us on our adventure! When I first started blogging, my Frenchie, Carl inspired me through his crazy antics. But as life has it, Carl had to leave this world at the tender age of four. After a period of mourning for my little guy, I brought Vern home where he has ruled the roost. Oh, did I mention Bee, the Frenchie with a girl attitude and enough spunk to keep Vern in line. Come along beside us as we dive into God’s word and learn morsels of the treasures that only the scriptures can teach us. Vern and Bee would love to get to know you as well, so please feel free to follow us and share your comments….

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