Slow to Speak

Have you ever noticed what a great companion a pet can be? They snuggle up to you when you are feeling down or under the weather. And when you need someone to listen, they’re faultless.

Take for example Vern. He’s a great listener. He never interrupts us when we are talking or sharing what’s on our hearts and minds. When asked, he will give us his undivided attention. All we have to do in return is give him a pet on the head or cuddle up beside him.

So why do you think people can’t be more like Vern and listen without interrupting? Some have their minds made up and don’t listen at all, just waiting for an opportunity to share what they believe is more important than what you are saying. Or how about the people who have a set script in mind and an angry attitude to go with it?

The book of James was written in a time period where there was a lot of persecution and unfair treatment. People could easily become angry over the trials they were having to live with. God was aware of this and so he provided the Holy Spirit to James to write words. Powerful words for the purpose of equipping the believers for the upcoming harassment they would have to endure.

“Understanding this, my dear brothers and sisters; you must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry.” (James 1:19 New Living Translation)

We all can grow in our willingness to listen, particularly when we’re angry. By saying nothing at all. The next time you’re upset with someone, try listening before reacting. It might change your perspective on the situation. And as a reminder, put your pet in your lap and imitate their actions.  

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