Unfolded Dreams

Dreams are like flowers.

The petals begin pressed tightly together.

But with nutrition and care,

They gradually unfold into a unique creation.

Several years ago, I decided to write. Given I struggled in elementary school, I must say it was a challenging calling. But even though I wasn’t a competent writer, I was determined. And I knew that God was with me.

Blogging was my first step to building the confidence I needed. So I turned to my French Bull dog, Carl. He was my muse and I loved writing about his antics.

My first book, a memoir about my family, Here We Go Joe, has been a blessing to so many families who have a loved one with dementia. Next, I felt compelled to write children’s books. Now Seasons at the School Bus and Jerry Barry, Living Healthy have a special place on my shelf. My next path led me to writing a study on women in the Old Testament called Empty Hands.

Then tragedy came and Carl left this world and has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. But after months of mourning, Vern entered my life and he and Bee have tried to fill a gap that Carl left.

As Covid struck, I found myself entering into the life of three women who come from different backgrounds, but similar in how they all have unhealed emotional wounds. This book isn’t intended to just share a story, but to bring comfort to the hurt inside of you. Scattered Pieces is also a historical fiction set in Durham, North Carolina which happens to be where I have lived most of my life.

I want to thank each of you who happens to be reading this. If this is the first time you have happened on my site or have read my blogs for years. Thank you…

Please visit my book page and hopefully you will find a book that speaks to you…


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