Our Own Transformation

The lone rose bloom looked over at the bush dripping with flowers and wondered why. Why would I be all by myself while my neighbor is surrounded by so much? Why would I exist in isolation when the roses next to me are crammed together, appearing to be so happy.

Isn’t that how we sometimes view our own existence? Unable to see our many blessings because we become consumed with what are neighbor has.

If only we can be grateful for what we have instead of preoccupied with the lives and material things of others.

But how?

Look closely at the lone flower. The bloom is larger and richer in color than his neighbor. It has a unique beauty that comes on a bush of one.

Once it spreads its pedals, the flower will become exceptional. Just like each of us.

If we can allow our true self to bloom with a deep seated gratitude for our creator, we can be transformed into the creation we were fashioned to be.

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