Vern’s Peace of Mind

Vern looked out the window of the truck, ready to hit the road. After a week of living in the basement of my daughter’s house, it was time to go home. Given all the comings and goings of little children and adults, Vern seemed happy to get back to his homestead where he could experience some peace.

What is peace and how can we obtain it? For me, it comes from making decisions that are righteous in nature and leaves no regrets. This is far easier said than done. Particularly when the decisions aren’t clear cut. This week, I had to make decisions regarding how to discipline my grandchildren. Some of the decisions didn’t go over well and left me with feelings of guilt. Was I too harsh or too easy on them?

Paul understood in all circumstances how to obtain peace. He tells other believers to rejoice in the Lord, take everything to prayer with thanksgiving and the peace that surpasses all understanding will be theirs. And he assured them that Jesus was at hand. (Philippians 4:4-7)

Given Vern is a dog, he doesn’t feel the guilt that we humans live with. He is pretty content in all circumstances. A little food, water, and attention is all he needs. But humans are given a conscientiousness that helps steer us if we apply the principles Paul gives fellow believers. As for Vern, he is just fine.  

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