In the Midst of a Blessing

Have you ever put a little of yourself out for the world to examine and scrutinize? If so, you might understand what its like to be an author. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been promoting my new book Scattered Pieces. Now if you’ve been reading my blogs, you probably know that I love to write. On the other hand, promoting myself feels awkward and even a little scary.

Over time, I’ve realized that when I enter into an uncomfortable situation, I usually receive a blessing of some sort. It might come in the form of a new friendship or a bit of wisdom. Whatever it is, I had to go through the door of being uncomfortable before I could receive the gift.

It isn’t difficult to know what makes you uncomfortable. When you get that funny feeling inside the pit of your stomach or thoughts of failure rise up, then you know you’re standing at the door. So I want to challenge you to take a couple of deep breaths, say a little prayer, and walk through your own personal door. And before you know it, you’ll find yourself in the midst of a blessing.

Oh, and if you want to purchase my book, here is the link.. coradarrah.com/product/scattered-pieces/

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