Pursuing Peace

Frustration has settled in like a storm cloud, ready to dump rain on everyone standing nearby. Bee has positioned herself over Vern’s bowl, determined to keep him from eating. The bully is unwilling to lessen her stance, no matter how long it takes. Vern is trying to get around her, but is fully aware that she is the alpha dog, a position that won’t change anytime soon.

I hobble around with my broken leg situated on the scooter, I have come to realize that each move has to be well thought out. Movements, prior to my accident, took only seconds, now have to be calculated in my mind so precious energy isn’t wasted. Frustration begins to seep through my thoughts, desiring to devour my peace.

As Paul writes letters to Timothy, he sits chained in a jail cell. Friends have left him, embarrassed by his circumstances. Only Luke, the author of the book in the Bible stays close by. There is a tinge of frustration as Paul writes Timothy, pleading for him to come and bring his books and parchment. Unable to act, Paul can only pray to God to meet his needs.

Paul writes in 2 Timothy 2:22 “So flee youthful passions and pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace along with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart.”

Paul tells Timothy to pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace. How often do we assume we can just have peace? But pursuing peace is an action. It takes effort. It just doesn’t happen. So for me, I will pursue peace in the midst of the frustration that wants to take me captive.

As for Bee, she has gone for a walk and is now trying to catch her breath, giving Vern an opportunity to eat his food. My husband places the dish outside and with Bee so consumed with catching her breath, Vern is able to eat in peace.

Published by Cora Darrah

Hello. My name is Cora. I live in Durham, North Carolina with my husband and two French Bulldogs, Vern and Bee. For thirty-two years, I taught children with unique needs. When I was eligible for retirement, I decided it was time to explore life from a different perspective. So with pen and paper, I have taken up blogging about two of the most extraordinary pets I know. More important than my pooches, is my relationship with God. I love God! He has blessed me with the gift of writing and I want to share what he is teaching me as I look through the eyes of four legged friends. So if you would like to experience how God works in all his creatures, join us on our adventure! When I first started blogging, my Frenchie, Carl inspired me through his crazy antics. But as life has it, Carl had to leave this world at the tender age of four. After a period of mourning for my little guy, I brought Vern home where he has ruled the roost. Oh, did I mention Bee, the Frenchie with a girl attitude and enough spunk to keep Vern in line. Come along beside us as we dive into God’s word and learn morsels of the treasures that only the scriptures can teach us. Vern and Bee would love to get to know you as well, so please feel free to follow us and share your comments….

2 thoughts on “Pursuing Peace

  1. As someone who has dealt with ongoing health issues over the last few decades, I can relate to the frustration you speak of. When we are used to operating at full speed, then suddenly are forced to adjust to a slower, weaker pace, it causes much frustration. Knowing your body should heal in a set time period can take the edge off the anxiety. For those of us who find ourselves in a seemingly unending situation of compromised health, it can be crazy making. I pray we can use these times of our lives to reconnect with the older, weaker members of our churches, neighborhood and society with a new sense of compassion and willingness to serve. Jesus was full of compassion when he saw the crowds of harassed and helpless people following him. We, too, should be full of compassion and reach out to help those who need help.

    1. Thank you Patty for your words. I also want to thank you for your serving heart. Your mother is blessed to have you! I love seeing you on line. You add so much to our discussions on Thursday. Love you, Cora

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