Shattered Expectations

Yesterday, was my first day of physical therapy. It has been nine weeks since I broke my ankle in three places. An injury that appeared so trivial at the time has now altered my life in so many ways. When asked how I did it, I want to tell people it was on the tennis court or on a mountain trail, but that’s not the truth. It was a simple fall across a piece of tight material that caught my ankle and sent me falling into months of rehab and a dependency on others.

For the last two months, my world has changed drastically. Before the accident, I was able to move freely from point A to point B. Now I have to use a scooter to do the simplest of tasks. But the hardest part of this journey is dealing with expectations. My expectations of when I will return to normalcy have been shattered.

It’s funny how Scriptures stand out during specific life events. This morning I was looking at Acts 3:1-7. A crippled man is carried to the entrance of the temple courts for the specific purpose of begging from those who are entering to worship. He had been carried there day after day with only the expectations of making some money for him and his friends.

When Peter and John walk past him, he asks them for money, not expecting anything other than a few coins. But Peter turns to him and says, “Silver or gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk.” Acts 3:6

Now think about this. This man has been a cripple since birth. He has never placed weight on his feet and stood upright. I can totally relate to what he might be thinking at this time. You see, I haven’t been able to bear weight for over nine weeks and it will probably be another month before I can place my full weight on my foot. If someone told me to walk, I would be skeptical to say the least. It would take a lot of faith to do what he does next.

Acts 3:7 states: “Taking him by the right hand, Peter helped him up and instantly the man’s feet and ankles became strong.”

Before my injury, I always looked at this from the Peter’s angle. But after being injured, I can’t help but think about the faith this man had when he took Peter’s hand. He didn’t know Peter or this Jesus Christ that Peter refers to. Something deep inside the man spoke to him. And sure enough, the man was able to walk.

The expectations I had at the beginning of this journey have been shattered time and time again. But what I have received in their place is a time to sit at the foot of my Lord and ponder about what is worthwhile in this life that I have been given. A gift that can’t be bought with silver or gold.

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