A Different Kind of Friendship

Vern and Bee have become good friends. Each morning you can find them either playing or lying next to each other in front of the fire. When coming home from a trip or just the grocery store, Vern and Bee are sitting next to each other as they wait for our return.

Friendship is one of the most incredible gifts God has given us. Another person who can be trusted with our inner secrets and feel our pain in times of sorrow. Someone who can laugh with us over our mistakes and cry with us when we are hurting.

Enoch had such a friend. In Genesis 5:24, Enoch is described differently than all the other men in the lineage between Adam and Noah. All the other men lived, had children, and then died. But with Enoch, it states “Enoch walked with God, and he was not, for God took him”.

What a cool verse. I can envision the scene. Enoch got up every morning and sought out God. And God whispered truth to Enoch and Enoch obeyed whatever he was told. Enoch loved God and wanted to please him. For three hundred years, he started each day, talking to his friend. No matter the situation, Enoch confided in God.

Then one day, as Enoch was discussing life with God, God made a decision. Why should Enoch live on this earth any longer? So God said to Enoch, “Why don’t you come to my house?”

Being obedient and full of faith, Enoch accepted the invitation. And now Enoch resides with God in heaven. And once we make our way to meet our creator, I believe Enoch will be right there to tell us what an incredible friend God is.

Vern and Bee have a friendship that has grown deeper with time. Our two French bull dogs sharing life together under the same roof. No words necessary. Just a compassion and concern for each other.

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