Be Still Vern

Vern was elated to see us return from our trip to Puerto Rico. He loves the attention he receives from our neighbors and is always happy to have them around, but there is nothing like family being home. Once we return from a trip, our every move is usually closely monitored by both Vern and Bee to make sure we aren’t leaving the house for any length of time.

When we are present, you can find Vern and Bee relaxing in front of the fire, enjoying the stillness that comes from trusting us to take care of their needs. So if these two French bull dogs can be still, why is it so difficult for us humans to do the same?

Psalm 46:10 states, “Be still and know I am God.” Sounds easy doesn’t it? This verse might be one of the hardest commands God gives us. We say we trust God, but how often do we pull out our own weapons to fight the battles that are meant for only God to fight.

In the second part of the verse God tells us if we are still, that He will be exalted among the nations and exalted in the earth. But that won’t happen until we place our weapons down and stop fighting our battles in our own strength and not in the power of God.

We have so much to learn from Vern’s temperament. Instead of jumping up and down and striving to get my husband to take him for a walk or give him the attention he desires, Vern becomes still and trusts that it will happen. And just like Vern, if we would stop fighting in our own power and let God fight our battles in his power, we might experience the lives he intends for us.

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