The Gift

Lesson 2

Doris had very little to give to her daughter for Christmas. Money had been tight and every bit of her small paycheck went to paying the bills and putting food on the table. So instead of spending money on herself, she saved every bit of change she could to purchase scraps of fabric to make a quilt for her daughter’s bed. Given the cold temperatures and her daughter’s threadbare blanket, Doris believed this would be a perfect gift. Every night for weeks, Doris sat up late into the night and hand stitched the quilt, smiling over the thought of how much her daughter would treasure the warm blanket made with love.

When Christmas came, Doris smiled as she handed her daughter the wrapped present, hardly able to contain herself at showing her the individual squares and the meaning behind each one.  But instead of the response she was hoping for, her daughter tore through the paper and threw the blanket down, demanding the toys she knew her friends had received. Doris was crushed. All the time and energy she had spent creating her daughter’s gift seemed to be for naught.

Background Information:

God had spent eternity waiting for the moment to create an earth for the humans he would make into his image. He took six days to make the home ready for them to live with him in harmony. He even created an extra day for the humans to rest and spend time with him. It was a beautiful world and it was good. But once he created man, he believed it was very good. God then set the man and woman into a beautiful garden where food was abundant and the views spectacular. He gave them everything they could ever need or want.

God then gave us the most incredible gift of all, freedom of choice. He doesn’t want us to worship him because we have to, but because we want to. Earlier, before mankind, God made angels. And out of his mercy, gave them the freedom of choice. And to this day many of his spiritual beings are doing God’s will because they choose to. But then there are others that didn’t want to worship another. Instead, they wanted to be worshipped. Lucifer is one such angel. He has his sights on being God and having us mortals worship him and him alone. So how does he do this? Through deceit. Notice how he changed what God says ever so slightly in Genesis 3:1. And the rest is history.

Read Genesis 3:7

  1. What did God state would happen if they ate of the tree of knowledge of evil and good? _______________________________________________
  2. Once Adam and Eve ate the fruit, what did they do? _________________
  3. What do you think it means to have their eyes opened? ______________


  • What are the differences between before and after they ate the fruit? ____________________________________________________________ 

Read Genesis 3:8-13

  1. Why did Adam and Eve hide from the Lord?________________________
  2. Who did Adam blame for eating the fruit? _________________________
  3. Who did Eve blame? __________________________________________  
  4. Do you have a tendency to blame others or a situation for your actions? ___________________________________________________________
  5. How did Adam and Eve’s actions hurt God? __________________________________________________________ _

Read Genesis 3:14-15

  1. What was the serpent’s life going to be like due to his deception? ____________________________________________________________
  2. Some say that Genesis 3:15 is the foundation of the rest of the Bible. When I first glanced at it, I was totally perplexed by all the pronouns and sought the help of several spiritual women to help me make sense of it. So please don’t feel overwhelmed by it initially.

“I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her seed. He shall bruise your head and you shall bruise His heel.”

  1. Who is I? _______________________________________________
  2. What is enmity? _________________________________________
  3. Who is you? ____________________________________________
  4. Who is the woman? ______________________________________
  5. Whose seed is “your seed”? ________________________________
  6. Whose seed is “her seed”? _________________________________
  7. Who is He? ______________________________________________
  8. Whose head? ____________________________________________
  9. Who is you? ______________________________________________
  10. Whose heel? _____________________________________________
  11. How has this scripture been fulfilled? ____________________________


  • Why do you think God would set up a plan for our salvation so soon after Adam and Eve sinned? _________________________________________
  • How do you feel towards someone when you have been sinned against? ___________________________________________________________ 
  • How does this make you feel about the God who created us? _________


  • Does this change your view on the eternal nature of Jesus? ___________


Read Genesis 3:16

  1. What were the consequences of sin for Eve and all women to follow? ____________________________________________________________
  2. What do you think is meant by “your desire shall be for your husband”? ____________________________________________________________
  3. What do you think is meant by “and he shall rule over you”? ___________


Read Genesis 3:17-19

  1. What are the consequences of Adam’s sin against God? ______________


  • Why do you think Adam carries the majority of the weight of the sin? ____________________________________________________________ 
  • Because of Adam’s sin, the physical earth changes. List several of the changes. ____________________________________________________


  • Why do you think God speaks of Adam being dust and that he will return to it? __________________________________________________________

Read Genesis 3:20-24

  1. What is the difference between how Adam and Eve clothed themselves verses how God clothed them? ________________________________
  2. If Adam and Eve had not sinned, would animals need to be killed? ____
  3. Who is “Us” in verse 22? ______________________________________
  4. What did God do next to Adam and Eve? __________________________


  • What did God place at the entrance of Eden? ______________________
  • How does God guard the way to the tree of life? ____________________
  • Why did God have to push Adam and Eve out of the garden? __________


Digging Deeper:

What are the consequences of sin? _______________________________

God told Adam that if he ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil he would surely die. What is your interpretation of this statement? ______________


Take Away:

Is there anything in this lesson that struck you? Anything you learned that you didn’t know before? Is there anything you need to change? _______________ ________________________________________________________________


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