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Lesson Three


Beverly cried out to God with pure anger over the situation. She had been brushed over for the job she believed she was perfect for. Beverly had two small children and this job was going to allow her to move out from her abusive husband. She had done all the right things and still she was without a job and a way to support her kids. Why would God want her to be treated this way? Didn’t he know that she had been a good mother and wife? And what about the sacrifice she had made to ensure her children were in church every Sunday? Even if she didn’t feel like going, she took her kids. If God was so loving, why wasn’t he helping her out?

The anger was growing by the day. Instead of the kind woman she used to be, she was short with her children all the time. And when her husband came home with his six pack of beer, she would clench the kitchen knife whenever he walked over to touch her.

Background Information: Once God finished creating the world and mankind, he stated that it was very good. He took Adam and placed him in the garden and then took a rib from Adam and formed a woman. The two were given everything they could ever need or want, including the freedom to make a choice.

Little did the couple know the spiritual battle that had been taking place in heaven? Satan, a fallen angel, was given the earth as his domain. And he didn’t waste any time. He knew what he wanted and he was going to get it, no matter the method. So being the craftiest in the garden, he went after the woman through planting a seed of doubt about the goodness of God. Twisting the words of God around, he convinced the woman that the tree of knowledge of good and evil was pleasant to look at and good to eat. And after she ate, she gave the fruit to Adam and he ate.

Sin had now entered the world and changed everything. The two were banished from the garden and given clothes to hide their nakedness. Then in Genesis 3:15, God shares his plan of salvation for the world.

Read Genesis 4:1-5

  1. Who was Eve’s first born? __________________________________ 
  2. What do you think Eve hoped for when she proclaimed that she had received a man from the Lord? ___________________________________________


  • What is the difference between the offerings that Abel and Cane gave to the Lord? _________________________________________________
  • Why did the Lord respect Abel’s offering? _______________________
  • What kind of offering do we usually give to God? _________________


  • Why did Cain become angry? _________________________________
  • Read 2 Corinthians 7:8-11.  Paul has written a letter to the Corinthians that has caused them to experience sorrow. He explains two types of sorrow, godly sorrow and worldly sorrow. How can we tell when people are experiencing godly sorrow? _____________________________________


  • How can we determine if people are experiencing worldly sorrow? ______


Read Genesis 4:6-7

  1. What does God ask Cain? ________________________________________


  • When does sin crouch at our door? ________________________________
  • Why did Cain kill his brother Abel? _________________________________
  • What is our tendency towards others when we are angry with God? ______


  • Have you ever been angry with God? ________  If so, did you lash out on someone close to you? __________________________________________ 

Read Genesis 4:9-15

  1. What did God ask Cain? __________________________________________
  2. What was Cain’s response? ______________________________________  
  3. What was Cain most concerned about? ____________________________
  4. Why do you think God wouldn’t allow someone else to kill Cain? _____________________________________________________________
  5. How is God’s mercy towards Cain different from a man’s judgment of this situation? _____________________________________________________
  6. What do you think the mark was that God placed on Cain? _____________________________________________________________

Read Genesis 4:16-24

  1. What do you think this scripture means? “Cain went out from the presence of the Lord?” __________________________________________________
  2. Where did his wife come from? ___________________________________
  3. What does vengeance mean? _____________________________________
  4. Why do you think there was no penalty for killing a man? ______________


Read Genesis 4:25-26

  1. Why do you think Adam had a third son? ____________________________
  2. What are the differences between Seth and Cain? ____________________


  • What does it mean to call on the name of the Lord? ___________________


Digging Deeper:

How can we tell when someone is truly sorry for their wrong doings? _______________________________________________________________


What keeps people from wanting to confess their sin and changing? _______________________________________________________________

Take Away:

Is there anything in this lesson that struck you? Anything you learned that you didn’t know before? Is there anything you need to change? _________________________ ________________________________________________________________

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