Duke Gardens

Today, I packed up my computer, glasses, and phone and made my twenty minute drive to my regular parking space off of Duke University Road. As I walked up Chapel Drive, I noticed some potential students taking tours of the campus and a few others walking in the direction of the Chapel. Electric buses whizzed past me as they usually did and it appeared to be a normal day on campus.

But when I made it to the quad, I noticed only a few students compared to the many I usually encounter. And then it dawned on me. Spring break. And with the break, the library would be closed. And sure enough, as I opened the door of the Rubenstein, I was greeted by a darkened space.

Oh well. No time for focusing on what I had lost. I thought for a moment and decided to do something that I had wanted to do for months. So instead of take the walk back down Chapel Drive, I turned to the left and walked down the hill where I was greeted by the entrance to the Sarah P. Duke gardens. As I walked into the meadow, I was overwhelmed by the beauty that surrounded me.

A flood of memories came tumbling through my mind as I walked upward to the gazebo and looked down at the rows and rows of flower beds and strange birds standing beside the pond. For a minute, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of this place.

Once I reached the gazebo, I looked down and found a plaque that made me smile. A daughter’s love for her mother was the inspiration for these beautiful gardens.

As a young girl, I made the walk from my house to these gardens, not really appreciating the effort that has gone into this magical place. But today, each section I walked through made me grateful for this hidden treasure found right here in Durham. A treasure that I would encourage everyone to take the time to experience.

2 thoughts on “Duke Gardens

  1. Enjoying your writings about Durham and today Duke and Duke Gardens. Brings back some memories of my childhood as well. What a gift these gardens are!

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